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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enter The DAM Professional

From Another DAM Blog

Most of us did not go to college nor university knowing we would be working on Digital Asset Management (DAM) today. Many might even say ‘DAM picked me. I did not pick to work on DAM.’ Those of us who are working on DAM come from diverse career backgrounds, which may include:

Archives and records management
Business Management
Library Science
Project Management
And many other career paths
Is a career in DAM really planned at all? It may be fair to say that at the time of this blog post and according to a recent poll, most people did not plan on a career in DAM, but rather volunteered for it or were volunteered for it. Either way, that is okay. Allow me to explain why…

DAM is a growing field

Growth in DAM means growth in careers which manage information (Has your organization stopped accumulating digital assets? This is not likely to happen anytime soon)

DAM has the ability to measure growth and progress within an organization, which is very lucrative in any business, as long as you know exactly what is being measured

Part of running a DAM can lead to better record keeping and Rights Management which reduces liability within the organization (aka not getting sued for unauthorized use)

There are more and more DAM jobs waiting to be filled

There are not enough DAM professionals available with the needed experience, some even say there is a shortage of qualified individuals

More education about DAM is coming soon to help reduce this shortage and further the knowledge of people who find themselves newly involved in DAM

DAM internship and mentorship programs are being explored in order to share the knowledge and hands-on experience needed

It takes a certain type of individual to work on DAM and not everyone can do this type of work. You may be that person and not realize it. Do not expect overnight change, but rather baby steps of progress

Some organizations are still scratching their heads wondering why there is a low adoption of their systems, while their own people don’t understand how to use them and there is no one to help them internally. As soon as it dawns on them, they will begin seeing the value of a DAM professional who can assist them within their organization whether it is an internal resource who knows their processes (is that you?) and/or an external resource (such as a consultant) if you are not sure where to start or how to move forward in a phased approach. Yes, I will be blogging about the phases of DAM too.

Who will drive the adoption, implementation, operations, support and workflow of the DAM within your organization?

Enter the DAM Professional.

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