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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Importance Of Digital Asset Management For Business

from Digital Asset Management – Covering Your Assets UK

Simply put, Digital Asset Management (DAM) products provide a way to organise your company’s valuable files – your ‘digital assets’ – in a way that makes them quick-to-find and easy to access.
Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) live or die by their data. In an information economy, just about every business owner understands that they can gain a huge advantage over their competitors by handling their business data more effectively than the next guy. Companies are only as good as the data they hold, how quickly and flexibly they can access it to make use of it.

Digital Asset Management is familiar to all of us in some form. We all process digital assets (files), whether as documents sent to us via email, photos from digital cameras, or files from USB keys. In each example, we follow a system of folder structures, labels, hierarchies, etc. These systems allow us to find and manipulate these assets in a predictable way.
But if your files are of significant value to your organisation, number in the thousands, or need to be accessible by co-workers and clients all over the world, you need the power and flexibility of a DAM system. Think of your operating systems as the warehouse where you keep all the crucial data on which your business depends. DAM is your inventory control system, security guard, facility manager and global courier service, all rolled into one.

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