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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Solving The DAM Implementation Doughnut Problem

DAM News
by Ralph Windsor on November 26, 2014

On DAM Guru last week, there was an interesting interview with Laurel Calsoni, who you can follow on Twitter @DigitalArchivst.  The item is a good one and Laura makes a number of points I would agree with.  There is one, in particular, in answer to the question “what is your greatest DAM challenge?”

My problem with DAM stems from DAM staffing – lack of or just lopsided. It seems that companies are willing to license and install the DAM software but stop short of having a proper DAM team in place for the initiative. There are requests for managers to lead a DAM effort but not to implement. My question is, who then is doing all of the work? As a hands-on digital archivist, my love is the content and I want to stay as close to the assets as possible.” [Read More]

This is a problem I have observed also.  It seems like a lot of people want to talk about Digital Asset Management, but there are a much smaller volume of volunteers to actually manage the digital assets themselves.  In part, I can see why this is the case, because the core of the task is about cataloguing which many people find unappealing due to the repetitive nature of the work and mental effort involved.

CONTINUED. Read more on DAM News HERE

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